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We live in the Western world, aware of historical mistakes, but also of the wise teachings of previous generations. We have the opportunity to look into the rich library of experience, as well as take advantage of a number of innovations. Nevertheless, we  live in structures and patterns that stop working. We are looking for better ways of living and we realize that the chances for change are hidden within each of us.

Let's discover ourselves and cultivate our relationship to the environment in which we live.


That is why we have gathered and created a community that aims to provide a service organization for selected projects of common interest.



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Our mission is to create and maintain space for education, innovation and joint discussion on following topics: self-sufficiency, self-development, smart urbanism, long-term sustainability, circular economy and alternative energy sources. We want to promote the convenient use of services instead of producing products so-called "in a queue". We think about meaningful life in the city and support the formation of communities.


We will also combine smaller projects with an overall communication and marketing strategy and ensure more efficient drawing of financial resources.





 we provide total or partial implementation of lectures, conferences, festivals, experiential therapies, formal and informal meetings, discussion forums and other forms of public output. We also provide consultations, in which we look for solutions, help with the choice of location, technical support and provide professional service.



professionals from various fields and other team members, executives ensure the overall communication strategy, not only for individual events, but especially for all supported concepts together, as part of a year-round strategy.



independent experts with experience in the field of grants, fundraising and other forms of financing will prepare a plan for financing individual events, including the entire portfolio of services.


We believe in the idea that working together brings greater efficiency and is thus a much greater benefit for our target group. We are mainly concerned with cultivating the environment, creating a community of experts, which may include all those for whom we create these activities.


We are currently working on selected projects and thus creating a sufficient professional base for the upcoming year 2021.


Since autumn 2020, we have been building the MV + community. It aims to connect and communicate common topics and interests on both sides.


MV + is not only a professional network in which it will be possible to develop local and ethical business, communicate, help each other and meet each other, but also a community of people with a common interest.


Within the community, it is possible to obtain information about planned activities, draw benefits from all partner entities and participate in its development.


We accept projects that share a common vision and are aware of their intention. We are open to projects from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


We are happy to welcome experts interested in help, especially in the field of communication and finances. 


If we work on a collective level, we have a better chance of drawing attention to important issues and thus contributing to a friendly lifestyle and a conscious society.


Seeking or offering help with projects? Connect with Vladimir: 


Want to involve your organization? Connect with Lukas:

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